A roof is much more than just shingles. it’s a complete system of integrated components and layers all working together to protect the home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to withstand the forces of nature outside while controlling temperature and humidity inside.

Roofing Services

Four Brothers Home Improvement provides complete roofing services to residential and commercial clients across New Jersey. We specialize in providing custom roofing solutions that are long lasting and cost effective. As one of NJ’s top roofing contractors we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of roofing services, from new roofing system installations to roofing repairs and maintenance services. We stand behind our work 100% and are committed to providing affordable, hassle free roofing services that are professional, affordable and reliable.

Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Residential roofing installations, repair and maintenance services
  • Commercial roofing services
  • Roofing inspections
  • Architectural shingle services
  • Metal Roofing solutions
  • Plywood repair and replacement services
  • Complete roof removals
  • Complete roof removals
  • Shingle maintenance and repair services
  • Skylight installations and repair services
  • Roof fans and vents
  • Ridge caps and flashing services
  • Flashing and fascia roofing solutions
  • and much more!

High Quality Shingles

We take pride on being one of the few roofing companies who provide the best quality in roofing solutions. We use Owens Corning roofing and shingles products, so our clients can feel secure and confident that they are getting the best of the best.

roofing service nj
roofing service nj

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